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Experience in Long-term program -Shimokhina Ksenia

Name: Shimokhina Ksenia
Home University: Far Eastern Federal University
Graduate school: Graduate school of letters
Course・Year: Master course 2
Period of time: 19 August, 2018 – 28 February,2019
Host University: Hokkaido University

Introduction of My Research Thesis

For thousands and thousands of years, everything has been a physical modification of self. It has helped us to extend our physical selves, go faster, hit things harder, and there’s been a limit on that. But now what we’re looking at is not an extension of the physical self, but an extension of the mental self, and because of that, we’re able to travel faster, communicate differently. And the other thing that
happens is that we’re all carrying around little Mary Poppins technology. We can put anything we want into it, and it doesn’t get heavier, and then we can take anything out. What does the
inside of your computer actually look like? Well, if you print it out, it looks like a thousand pounds of material that you’re carrying around all the time. And if you actually lose that information, it means that you suddenly have this loss in your mind, that you suddenly feel like something’s missing, except you aren’t able to see it, so it feels like a very strange emotion.
The other thing that happens is that you have a second self. Whether you like it or not, you’re starting to show up online, and people are interacting with your second self when you’re not there. And suddenly we have to start to maintain our second self. You have to present yourself in digital life in a similar way that you would in your analog life. So, in the same way that you wake up,
take a shower and get dressed, you have to learn to do that for your digital self. And the problem is that a lot of people now, especially adolescents, have to go through two adolescences. They have to go through their primary one, that’s already awkward, and then they go through their second self’s
adolescence, and that’s even more awkward because there’s anactual history of what they’ve gone through online.

What I Learned (Studied) in Hokkaido University

I studied media anthropology. This is a completely new direction in anthropology as a science.
Also this program teaches to communicate with children not only from their own country, but also with students from other countries.

How I would you like to use my achievement/experience/result of the study in Hokkaido University (RJE3 Program) for my future research and career

I decided to enter into Hokkaido University in the next year. I want to connect my life with anthropology in Japan. Because Japan is high level technical country and is interested for media anthropologists.

Other Comments

All in all Japan is just great I have learnt a lot about them and had a great and wonderful experience. I have a lot to preach about Japan.

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