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Experience in Long-term program -Chukhleb Violetta

Name: Chukhleb Violetta
Home University: Far Eastern Federal University
Graduate school: Graduate School of Arts and Humanities
Course・Year: Master Courese 2
Period of time: 26 August, 2018 – 28 February, 2019
Host University: Hokkaido University

Introduction of My Research Thesis

The name of my research is “Hermeneutics of cross-cultural communication. Russia-Japanese cultural dialog”. Hermeneutics is a universal method for all humanitarian sciences because these sciences demand understanding and not description. It finds out the conditions for mutual understanding. How do people of different cultures come to mutual understanding, reach an agreement, find a common language. So in my research I pursue a goal to study both Russia and Japanese cultures to find out the conditions of mutual understanding and finding the common language.
*What I Learned (Studied) in Hokkaido University
At lectures in Hokkaido University I learned a lot about Japanese history, culture, art, contemporary environmental problems and how Japanese people deal with them. Also there were lectures about Russian (particularly Far Eastern and North Zone) historical, cultural, geopolitical and economic questions. So I could compare the Japan and Russian backgrounds.
The lectures in Hokkaido University were exciting and productive mostly because of outstanding professors and the vital issuers they concerned. All the lectures were in English, so that students both from Japan and Russia can understand and then discus the topics. We could share our experience and points of view with each other and I think it was very useful for understanding of the differences and similarities of our world views. We found out that Russia and Japan have the similar problems, for instance, population declining, environment pollution, climate changes, featurelessness of original cultural heritage, etc. In order to solve all these challenges we need to cooperate our forces and struggle for the best future.

How I would you like to use my achievement/experience/result of the study in Hokkaido University (RJE3 Program) for my future research and career

So, in Hokkaido University I knew about history and culture of Japan. I tried to communicate with local people and learn their habits, values, traditions, relations to the government, family, friends, foreigners and so on. It was very interesting to observe and compare the reaction of Russians and Japanese to disasters or bad or good events. It will be the ground of my muster paper research. I hope this knowledge will help me to better understand the mentality of Japanese people and compare them with Russian’s.
I believe that both for Russia, especially for Far East region, and for Japan it is very important to be in good relations. We should establish cooperation between our countries in order to help each other to prosper in such aspects as education, tourism, trade, innovation exchange and so on. Only that way we can provide our future generations with peaceful and happy life.

Other Comments

I am sincerely grateful for the brilliant opportunity to participate in RJE3 program. I want to say thank you to Far Eastern Federal University and Hokkaido University. They gave a wonderful chance to improve my language and communication skills, to learn new information, to get new experience and to travel.
Also I am really grateful to Kiroro Ski Resort for the working experience!

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