Far Eastern Federal University

Far Eastern Federal University

Vladivostok/ Russia
Number of students
Faculty: 15,000 Graduate school: 5,000 *Number of students( an approximate notation)

The history of higher education in Vladivostok dates back to 1899 when the Institute of Oriental Studies was founded which later developed into Far Eastern State University. In 2011 it was merged with several regional institutions of higher education to form Far Eastern Federal University. Today FEFU is one of the leading institutions of education and science in the Russian Far East. It consists of nine academic schools such as School of Engineering, School of Arts and Humanities, School of Biomedicine, etc. Each school offers a variety of educational programs from undergraduate to graduate level. In recent years, the number of international faculty has increased, and the number of international students from countries such as China, South Korea, Japan, United States, and India reached 3 500.The campus on Russky Island utilizes the APEC Summit held in 2012, and is equipped with the latest technology and equipment, and a living environment where students can live a safe and comfortable life in the scenic area.

【Undergraduate】School of Engineering/School of Biomedicine/School of Arts and Humanities/School of Natural Sciences/School of Education/School of Economics and Management /School of Data Economy/School of Law/Institute of Oriental Studies-School of Regional and International Studies

【Postgraduate/Graduate School】 For more detail,  https://www.dvfu.ru/en/admission/master-studies/ (English)

City Information

City overview A direct flight from Narita/Kansai Airport to Vladivostok takes about 2 hours 30 minutes.
The Siberian railway, which has the longest mileage in the world and runs 9,297km in length, connects Vladivostok to Moscow. If you move all sections at once, it will take a long journey of 7 days.
Many says that Vladivostok is the closest Europe to Japan, and there are many restaurants, cafes and shops you can enjoy walking in the city.
Main street Svetranskaya street is lined with exotic Russian buildings. As you walk, you may feel like traveling in Europe and see the latest fashions of Russian youth. There are many artistic entertainments such as ballet, puppet show, circus and concert of local orchestra at Mariinsky Theatre, one of the most prestigious theatres in Russia.
Primorsky Stage of The Mariinsky Theatre is one of the most modern theatres in Russia and the Asia-Pacific region and was built for the APEC-2012 Summit.
In 2016, the Primorsky State Annex carried out the region’s largest cultural project called the Mariinsky Far East International Festival, which included programs for world opera, ballet and instrumental music from Russia, Asia Pacific, Europe and America. The event became an annual summer music forum because of the participation and performance of the main performers.
The theatre has three stages: a large hall, a small hall and a summer ground. The theatre’s summer ground is used for public concerts and outdoor performances (from spring to autumn).

*Tap water is safe to drink when boiled.
Charges for public toilets (about 30 rubles)
Free toilets at airports, malls and cafes.
Voltage:220V、Plug (insert) C type

Climate Midsummer temperature:25°C~30°C Midwinter temperature:2°C~–20°C
It may fall below -20°C, make sure to dress warmly enough
Population About 600,000 (FY2020)
Time difference Time difference with Japan: +1 hour( 1 hour earlier than Japan)
Currency Exchange Info The following banks offer conversion from foreign currency to rubles, but Japanese yen is rarely handled, so it is safer to prepare US dollars or prepare dollars in advance.


■ Primorye Bank
Address (head office): Svetlanskaya street, 47

Business hour:9:00-19:00
TEL:+7 423 240 03-00

■ Operkassa na Fokina (Exchange office of Summit Bank on Admirala Fokina street)
Address: Admirala Fokina street, 18

Business hour:9:00-20:00
TEL: +7 423 243-12-38

■ Primsotsbank
Address: “Izumrud Plaza” mall, Okeansky prospekt, 16

Business hour:9:00-18:00

Cultural facility
Photo by “Mariinsky Theatre”

Mariinsky Theatre

Postal address: 690012, Vladivostok, Fastovskaya, 20
Tel: +7 (423) 221-81-67
E-mail: press-prim@mariinsky.ru

Business hour
Depends on performance


Consulate Consulate General of Japan in Vladivostok
Ulitsa Verkhne-Portovaya 46, Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai, 690003, Russia

(7-4232)620-120,620-122(International satellite line)


Local Info Basic data https://www.mofa.go.jp/mofaj/area/russia/data.html#section1
Safety info https://www.mofa.go.jp/mofaj/area/russia/index.html