What’s New

The 10th RJE3 International Steering Committee was held.


2021. November 1st (Mon) 15:00-17:00 Online

“Expert Development Program to Lead Sustainable Environment, Culture and Development in the Far East and Arctic Circle”

13 representatives from Hokkaido University and five Russian universities were convened to discuss program management online.

  1. Approval of RJE3 Joint Certificate Award Candidate
  2. Expansion of RJE3 program

Report: Report on the efforts of each RJE3 member university in 2020

Report: About the implementation plan for 2022

New initiatives for next year were also discussed, and it was agreed that the 2022 International Steering Committee will be held in Vladivostok, Russia, if the coronavirus is over and traveling between the two countries is possible.

We were able to confirm with each other that we will continue to deepen the cooperation and progress of universities between the two countries and move forward.