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AY2021 RJE3 Basic Subject “Enegry Security in Cold Climate Region” Started!


【DAY 3】8/2-8/5(HSI) Energy Security in Cold Climate Region has started.

Mr.Nogawa (Hokkaido Electric Power Co.,Inc.) gave a lecture for Thermal Power Plant with a detailed lecture on the main backbone systems of Hokkaido at the time of the earthquake and the outline of the accident caused by the disaster.

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【DAY 2】8/2-8/5(HSI) Energy Security in Cold Climate Region has started.

In recent years, with global warming, natural disasters occur, in 2018, the 2018 Iburi-Tobu Earthquake caused blackouts and caused many troubles in civic life. 

In this course, Prof.Ivo MARTINAC,KTH (building energy field) and Prof.Yuki SADAIKE(Tohoku University) who is the expert of disaster prevention give the lectures.

8/3 “Game workshop for evacuation fascility”. Students were very passionate with the workshop.