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AY2021 RJE3 Basic subjects Entry


Deadline : April 26th (Mon)

1.Register from Web : https://forms.gle/Sacm863N7VHTBeic9

2. FY2021 RJE3 Program “Basic Subject” Course Application Guideline

3. FY2021 RJE3 Program 「Basic Subject」 course application


①A student being enrolled on a master’s or doctoral degree program at HU  throughout from the application to the end of the program.

Bachelor 4 who plans to study at graduate school at HU and is willing to be involved RJE3 program in next stage.

②A student being interested in RJE3 1)environmental evaluation 2)cultural diversity 3)soil and production 4)regional resource development and 5)disaster prevention management.

③GPA(Grade Point Average)2.00 out of 3.00 from AY2020

④A student having Official English Proficiency Certificate or certification of English proficiency from home-university academic supervisors if no such certificate can be provided.