設立趣旨Aims of Establishment




Students who have completed the RJE3 Program are expected to be experts of the Far East and Arctic Circle regions, capable of undertaking leading roles tackling global issues in governmental institutions, international organizations, multinational corporations, and universities and institutes. Furthermore, through the experiences of various RJE3 activities, as regional specialists RJE3 alumni obtained the ability to engage in community-based initiatives in local municipalities, public institutions, and companies, serving as a bridge between Japan and the Eurasian continent at the intersection of people, goods, information, and economic activities.

In 2019, the RJE3 Alumni Association was established, five years after the program’s founding. The Alumni Association was created as a platform to encourage communication and build further cooperative and collaborative networks among its members who are actively involved in a variety of fields globally.

By effectively utilizing resources and networks, the RJE3 Alumni Association aims to provide its members with a wide range of opportunities and valuable information to address and resolve issues in the fields related to the RJE3 Program, as well as further fostering human resources development and people-to-people exchanges between Japan and Russia.