FAQ(for participants from Russian Far East partner universities)

See below for FAQ for participants from Hokkaido University

Q&A to Russian university students

Q1: Is submission of an English certificate such as TOEFL, TOEIC, or IELTS required?
A1: Yes, it is required in fiscal 2018.
Please see (https://hokkaidosummerinstitute.oia.hokudai.ac.jp/applications/)
Q2: After joining Summer School (basic subjects), can I return to Russia until specialized subjects starts in October?
A2: Since there is a lecture for the specialized subjects participating students in September, you will have to stay in Japan until October. If you need to return to Russia for a special reason, please let us know. Please note that expenses related to temporary return will not be reimbursed in any cases.
Q3: Can students who major in Japanese language participate in the Basic Subjects?
A3: Participation in the Basic Subjects is possible, but the contents of the lecture will be the field to be handled in the RJE3 program.
(Please refer to <RJE3 Program>)
Q4: Can specialized subjects’ participants learn Japanese Language Courses?
A4: It is undecided about learning Japanese Language Courses in 2018 fiscal year.
Q5: With whom do students enrolled in the RJE3 partner universities in Russia make contact to ask about the RJE3 program?
A5: Please make contact with a person in charge of the RJE3 Program in your home university.Please refer to below contact list in the RJE3 Program partner universities in Russia.


Far Eastern Federal University

Kseniya Eremenko

Associate Professor School of Humanities Office

North Eastern Federal University

Sardana Gavrilyeva

Leading specialist of the Institute of the East

Anna Strekalovskaia

Specialist of the Institute of the East

Irkutsk State University

Yulia Elokhina

Associate Professor, International Office Head

Sakhalin State University

Irina Balitckaia

The Head of Graduate School of Intercultural Communication,
a person responsible for the Program

Victor Korsunov

Professor, Head of International Department

Pacific National University

Tatiana Sytnikova

Head of International Affairs Office


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